Pirates Gold

The pirate queen was a legend in the Mediterranean. No one knew who she was, except there was a rumor that her ship “Friendship” carried a large quantity of treasure she looted from other places. The treasure and “Friendship” disappeared in the Mediterranean one day, and could not be found.

However, according to many people, the Friendship that had disappeared for two hundred years would show itself at a certain time and place. You will get all of the treasure if you can solve the secret of the pirate queen…

Today, the ghost ship appeared in front of you…


Based on the story of the pirate queen Catalina, the game retells her ups and downs.

  1. It is a story with details. All scenes will be shown and you will empathize with the characters.
  2. It is logical and all parts linked with each other. It places emphasis on details and tests your memory.
  3. It restores the historical background. The ship, in particular, conveys the sense of the pirate era.
4-7 Players 60 min
Complexity: 3/5
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