Cursed Tomb

Twenty years ago, Professor Li, from the department of archaeology of a university, disappeared when inspecting an ancient tomb with an expedition team. The government sent several rescue teams, which never returned. No scholar could explain why these well-equipped and highly experienced rescue teams mysteriously disappeared. To cover up the scandal, all related records were sealed.

You, students from the department of archaeology who are to graduate soon and informed of the curious case, are confident that you can solve it with your knowledge and the new technology from the past decade. As you step into the jungle, the road behind is immediately drowned in fog and all kinds of instruments failed. What is the truth? Can you escape safely?


It revolves around an ancient tomb and is mainly based on adventures. There are NPCs and few horror elements, thus suitable for most people.

  1. It is highly logical with details to test the player’s thinking ability.
  2. All elements (from paved path to tombs) are based on history and highly engage players.
  3. Team separation in the story fully tests the mutual trust in the team. There are many parts about interaction, which makes the game a great fun.
  4. All the secret paths are mechanical and based on the true scene. It highly involves players, and fully stimulates their desire to explore and curiosity.
6-12 Players 120 min
Complexity: 4/5
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