Ancient Palace

The Yan family was a local blue blood and the descendant of generals. Mr. Yan was kind-hearted. He loved antiques, often held gatherings, and was popular with others. Regrettably, Mr. Yan had only one daughter although he had three beautiful wives.

This year, he held a gathering to celebrate his birthday and that he got a new piece of antique. The gathering attracted the famous detective William Wang, Lieutenant Lu who held the military power, the antique dealer Mr. Jia, and other celebrities. His daughter who studied in other places came back with some fellow students.

No one would ever expect that Mr. Jia was murdered just after the gathering began. A birthday feast was turned into a crime scene. Who killed Mr. Jia with so many people present? The locked room mystery is about to be solved!


The story happened in an old house in the Qing Dynasty. People will play the characters. It combines NPC and case-cracking.

  1. It is logical with all parts closely linked. It solicits players’ emotions and creates a sense of immersion.
  2. It is highly Chinese and aims to restore the scenes back in history.
  3. The players need to be sharp-sighted to solve the deeply buried puzzle.
  4. NPC can contribute to mobilizing the team’s enthusiasm and enhancing its cohesion.
6-12 Players 180 min
Complexity: 4/5
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