1What is an escape room exactly?
Escape rooms are real-life puzzle experiences where a small team is trapped and must solve several clues and riddles in multiple rooms in an allocated time to free themselves or reach an objective.
2How many guests can each room hold?
Each game holds between 2-10 people to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. See more details and players limitation in ROOM.
3Is there an age limit?
This adventure can be fun for everyone but we would recommend ages 13 years and over for our games. Players under the age of 18 are permitted with some reservations, but must be accompanied by an adult for their safety and security.
4Can I take food and drinks in?
You will need both your hands to try to get out, so no food or drinks are allowed in the rooms. We do have some limited refreshments available for purchase at reception, but these are not permitted into any of the rooms.
5What do we do with our belongings?
Mobile Phones, pens, paper…screwdrivers… everything other than the clothing required for modesty should be stored in lockers while you enjoy the room.
6Can I bring extra people on the day if I haven’t booked for them?
You are welcome to bring along some extra friends but remember there are different maximum capacities of our games. If your numbers exceed this capacity, you are welcome to book another room online or check with reception if there are any other available games.
7What is the difference between the rooms?
The rooms are different in both atmosphere and the difficulty of tasks. Our enthusiastic staff would be glad to help you decide, but have a read through the information on the website.
8Will I really be locked inside the room?
No. You may leave the room at any time if you wish! Every room is monitored by camera and intercom directly linked to the operational centre where the game master will follow the game’s progress.
9I already made a booking but need to change it. What should I do?
Bookings can be transferred if sent in writing via email at least 48 hours prior to original booked game and is subject to availability. Transfers and cancellations must be confirmed in writing via email at
10Do you host corporate events?
Yes, we do! Ask for our availability for a more customized experience.
11Where are you located?
Our facilities are located in 10 Bridge Road, Glebe, NSW. We are looking forward to open further branches through Australia.
12Is it suitable for foreigners?
Yes, even though all the audio and written clues are in English language isn't a problem. The game is about observation, teamwork, logical and lateral thinking.
13Is it suitable for pregnant women or people with heart conditions?
Our games are designed to create an immersive experience and work with your nerves (also some physical dexterity may be involved) that's why we advice pregnant women and people with heart condition to reconsider before playing I'm our facilities. In addition every player must sign a document that acknowledges the risks the game has.
14How do I make a booking?
We encourage our players to make bookings via our website. Select one of our rooms, check availability and book! You can also make a reservation via email ( or phone 0401 587 927.